The Block’s Kingpin Of Gambling

Julius “The Lord” Salsbury (Solberg) (1915-1994?) was a numbers runner, money launderer and colorful Block nightclub owner of the Oasis Nite Club in Baltimore, MD. According to Salsbury WW2 draft card it has him being born on Sep 22, 1915, in Berkeley, Virginia to parents Isadore Salsbury (Solberg) and Sarah Merr. Julius arrived in Baltimore from Norfolk, Va., with his family in 1927 and settled in East Baltimore. He dropped out of school, drove a cab, and during the 1930s, became acquainted with gambling and Block figure Maurice “Moe” Cohen who would play a major role in his life. Salsbury was described by federal officials as Baltimore’s “kingpin of gambling” and one of the city’s best bookmakers, Salsbury operated his empire from a basement office of the Oasis Nite Club, at Frederick and Baltimore streets. In the 1960s Julius was shot in the leg during a card game. Julius was convicted on gambling charges and sentenced to 15 years. Instead, he walked out the door in 1970 and hasn’t been seen since! He may have died in 1994 shortly before his wife died, but no one really knows. 

It’s alleged that Salsbury made Tommy Delisando mayor. Salsbury had the money and the Jewish people vote. The Jewish people were known to own the clothing factories in Baltimore that employed thousands of people. At one time it was the largest employer of people in the city. Huge voting block. Salsbury ran the city thought the mayor’s office. 

Here a pic of Julius Salsbury (Solberg).
Here’s a newspaper article that talks about Julius “the lord” Salsbury getting shot.
Oasis Nite Club where Salsbury operated his empire from a basement office.


Mobtown Confidential: Thirty Years After His Mysterious Disappearance, Gentleman Racketeer and Block Kingpin Julius “The Lord” Salsbury Still Haunts Baltimore:

A life on the fringes vanishes into shadows:

Salsbury missing as federal agents search his home:

The Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, Maryland)
10 Jan 1971, Sun
Page 225

The Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, Maryland)
10 Jan 1971, Sun
Page 227

The Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, Maryland)
10 Jan 1971, Sun
Page 229

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